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Legal Responsibility of Beekeepers

The Bee Diseases and Pests Control Orders 2006 contains 16 Articles. Each one of these obliges beekeepers to adhere to certain rules. Below is a summary of each article, the full text can be accessed as a PDF at the bottom of the page:
  • Article 1 - Title, Commencement and Application;
  • Article 2 - Interpretation;
  • Article 3 -Notification of Suspicion of a Disease or Pest;
  • Article 4 - Prohibition on Removal;
  • Article 5 - Marking of Hives and Appliances;
  • Article 6 - Notices Prohibiting Removal;
  • Article 7 - Disease Control Measures;
  • Article 8 - Pest Control Measures;
  • Article 9 - Notices Served Under Articles 7 or 8;
  • Article 10 - Decleration of Infected Area;
  • Article 11 - Imported Bees;
  • Article 12 - Provisions of Facilities and other obligations;
  • Article 13 -  Action in default;
  • Article 14 - Service of notices;
  • Article 15 - Exemptions;
  • Article 16 - Revocations.
To view each of these articles resepectively, a PDF version of the Bee Diseases and Pests Control Orders 2006 can be viewed here.

Checked 26/03/2020