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10 km squares with American Foulbrood - 2021

AFB occurence by 10KM squares 2021
County 10 km Squares where AFB Found Area Name Number of Colonies Infected Month AFB Found
Aberdeenshire NJ71 KEMNAY 1 May
Aberdeenshire NJ71 KEMNAY 2 June
Ayrshire NS44 KILMARNOCK 1 September
Berkshire SU97 WINDSOR 1 April
Cornwall SW75 ST. AGNES & GOONHAVE 1 July
Cornwall SX26 LISKEARD 2 July
Devon SS50 HATHERLEIGH 3 August
Devon SX39 CHAPMANS WELL & CLAW 7 August
Devon SX49 EWORTHY 4 July
Devon SX49 EWORTHY 6 August
Devon SX49 EWORTHY 1 September
Dorset ST81 IWERNE MINSTER 1 August
Dyfed SN00 CRESSELLY 1 April
Dyfed SN00 CRESSELLY 2 May
Dyfed SN00 CRESSELLY 2 June
Dyfed SN40 BURRY PORT 5 May
Dyfed SN50 N. LLANELLI 1 July
Dyfed SN55 TALSARN 1 July
Fife NO40 LOWER LARGO 1 July
Fife NO41 CUPAR 1 July
Gwent SO30 CLYTHA HILL 2 April
Gwent ST29 CWMBRAN 1 September
Herefordshire SO55 STEENS BRIDGE 2 September
Midlothian NT27 EDINBURGH 1 July
Norfolk TF82 HELHOUGHTON 1 April
Norfolk TF94 WELLS BY SEA 1 April
Norfolk TG02 GUESTWICK 1 May
Norfolk TG02 GUESTWICK 1 June
North Yorkshire SE04 KEIGHLEY 3 August
Northamptonshire SP54 SULGRAVE 2 September
Perthshire NO13 LUNCARTY 1 May
Perthshire NO16 KIRKMICHAEL 1 August
South Yorkshire SK38 UN-NAMED 1 August
West Lothian NS96 BATHGATE 1 July

Please note that the 'Number of Colonies Infected' column only gives the number of AFB cases that occur in the stated county. To calculate the total number of AFB cases for a 10km square which overlaps two or more countries, look for that square under each relevant county name.