Close up comb showing symptoms of American Foul Brood (AFB)

American Foul Brood (AFB)

How to spot American Foul Brood (AFB)?

Do you suspect that your bees may have American Foul Brood (AFB)? Do you know how to recognise the signs of Foul Brood disease, and can you distinguish between AFB and European Foul Brood (EFB)? American Foul Brood is a serious and notifiable infection, which you must report to the National Bee Unit. Some areas of the BeeBase website that may help you spot key AFB symptoms include:

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BeeBase - an information resource for beekeepers and the beekeeping industry

BeeBase is a sophisticated IT system that supports the bee health programmes of England, Scotland and Wales. It is important to be able to visit every apiary within an area of confirmed disease, so it is vital to have beekeepers' apiaries logged onto BeeBase, to make sure that no potentially infected and/or at risk colonies are being missed. BeeBase provides information on the activities of the NBU, legislation, honey bee pest and disease recognition and control, interactive maps, current research areas, and lots of helpful contacts. Many beekeepers find this an extremely useful resource.